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Use Cases


Co creation of 130R platform and underlying products. Developing a new reload platform integrated with the PimCore e-commerce platform.

Cloud: Architecting and launching the 130R Platform. Majority of the 130R platform and this time is a collection of AWS services which adds security and additional functionality to newly developed or either existing API’s. We are using for this WAF, CloudFront, API Gateway, CloudWatch, Lambdas with additional services to complete the architecture. CloudFormation is used from day one to have automation in place and IaC.


Co-creation of a SaaS platform for a promising scale-up in optimizing heating networks with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Teamsetup : Enterprise architect, Cloud architect, Devops Engineer, Productowner, 2 x Backend developer, 2 x Frontend developer, QA Engineer

Cloud: Architecting, creating and maintaining the cloud infrastructure in mind with evolutionary architecture to support the growing number and changing requirements. We are using several AWS accounts to separate the concerns and to have a clean cut between the domains, allowing to make changes autonomously without affecting all the domains. Some of the AWS services we use EC2, Auto Scaling Groups, Cognito, various RDS databases, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, SNS, EKS and other supporting services as well. IaC is done using CloudFormation.

Gulf Gas & Power

Built applications for the employee portal, sales portal, and customer portal. In addition, providing maintenance for both individual applications and the landscape in general.


Co-creation of an MVP for this startup in the hospitality domain. A SaaS solution covering Intelligent sources for handling all hotel needs, via smartphone applications, tablets, or voice-assistants in a room.

Teamsetup : 1 Backend- and 2 Front-end Developers