TIStalks #1

Norbert joined us almost a year ago as a Java developer. During this year he's been working on numerous projects in different roles and now he shared some detailss about his professional and personal life as well.

So, Norbert, what do you do at the company exactly?

I'm mainly working on the backend side integrating different kinds of cloud-based solutions and external systems to our custom solutions and also managing projects.

Let's talk about some personal things first and get you to know better. If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

It would be definitely speed. We all experience sometimes that we don't have enough time for all the things we like or we can't stop to enjoy all the little things more. So I would choose the speed to do my tasks in half a day and spend the rest of the time enjoying other things.

What are these things that make you happy and would like to spend more time at?

For example, cooking. I love creating meals and of course, eating them! The whole process of doing the dish and tasting can always improve my mood. My favorite dish is cheesy chicken pasta.

Let's move to your professional side. What are the best sides of your job?

Software development is like playing lego. Imagine that you put all the blocks together, you get one big object and you see that it looks like you expected. Software development is just like this and it's the best part of it for me. When you put the whole system together and you see how much value it generates for the customers, how much complexity it has, how easily it can solve different problems without any kind of manual intervention. After weeks of work, everything comes together and you see the whole picture, it's thrilling.

What is your language of choice?

I've been mostly working in Java for the past five years and what I like the most is how simply you can create an application. All the community projects behind it made it so easy that you can just spin out an application in 5 minutes and start working on what actually matters, not just the stuff behind the scenes.

And what is your favorite framework and why?

I have some experience with different frameworks like the Java Enterprise known as Jakarta and I've worked with OSGi as well. However, for me, the Spring framework is the one I like the most because of how extensive it is and how simply you can do both basic and more complex things as well. It's integrated into almost every major framework or external system.

In case you need a newly established database connection, the community will have some kind of development of it in a short time and you will have an experimental version of that specific connector.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to become a software developer?

Always try to understand the problem. Once you do it, you know what the solution will be. If the issue just gets resolved, you cannot be sure that it actually works properly.

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