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Towards the global dominant revenue boosting platform

Alphacomm B.V. (AC) is the authority in the online digital goods market. The company founded and still based in Rotterdam has the ambition to become a global player with "the dominant revenue boosting platform". With a clear vision on the current and future market and with a solid technological footprint, AC helps its customers grow their turnover and ensures that the risk of fraud and default is minimal. In order to make the right technological choices to realize this ambition, AC was looking for a new partner in Development, Operations and Cloud engineering and ended up at The IT Solutions (TIS).

The AC platform serves retailers active in the online digital goods market through various modules. For example, providers of digital goods can use a Reload Service to top up and sell prepaid products like online games, telephony and all kind of vouchers such as gift cards. in addition, the Payment Service offers more than 180 payment methods and one can minimize default via the Reminders Service as well as prevent fraud by using various Anti-fraud Services. This combined with insight for its customers through smart BI tooling, AC offers each online digital goods provider an e2e platform for the successful sale of its products.

TIS provides various services and helps AC to realize the next step in the development of its new 130R platform and underlying products.This newly designed Platform will allow providers to securely and easily link their own warehouses and provide secure and simple integrations with the individual proprietary products and other standard products available in the market. For example, TIS is developing a new reload platform integrated with the PimCore e-commerce platform, which enables retailers to realize the ideal customer journey based on data and insight into the behavior of its customers measured by the platform and processed and shared via, for example, a tool such as Power BI.

TIS also supplies extra capacity within the existing development teams of AC. In addition, intensive cooperation takes place on activities such as cloud engineering (for example, part of the application is brought to the AWS cloud) and operations. TIS combines its own solutions with various AWS solutions, for example, realizing the various integrations and authorization and authentication.

The first project that TIS carried out for AC was the management and development of one of the reloads applications used by one of the largest Dutch providers of prepaid telephony. “After TIS successfully took over this application and implemented a number of optimizations, we decided to enlist the help of TIS in other areas as well. Since then, TIS has successfully helped us optimize our cloud and security solutions and the MVP for our new platform and e-commerce platform looks very promising, ” tells Huub Sparnaay CEO at AC.

Spanraay mainly wants to focus on the business and therefore believes in working with partners who excel in other areas. "TIS has now become such an important partner and plays a vital role in the future of AC." Spanraay said. In addition to part of the development and dev ops / cloud engineers, the current CTO and Chief Product Owner are employees of TIS. "The way TIS complements us by always looking for the solution that provides the most value for our business case, makes TIS the ideal partner. One that really helps us achieve our goals. Partly because of this, we look confidently at the future and our cooperation.”